Soul Path Group Coaching Details 

The goal of the program is to help you get clear on your *Soulful Passions + Purpose* and explore how you can make a living doing what you love, sharing your gifts and making a difference. 

We enter into this journey by identifying a personal Passion Pathway that *lights you up* as you answer the call within. Together, we nurture your hopes and dreams for actualizing your own potential as you uncover your unique gifts and talents and move to the next level of self- discovery, self-expression and creative contribution to the greater good. 

Laura McMullin, PhD

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To help guide our process, we use a visual roadmap that I received from Spirit over a decade ago (a big story for another time). It’s a framework called the Soul Fulfillment Blueprint © and it can be used in fluid and personalized ways.

There are four interacting domains of human experience that we will explore together in relation to your soulful passions and unique pathway: 

In our weekly sessions we dive into each of the Core Elements of Soul Fulfillment in relation to your personal Passion Pathway. Each week has a specific focus which you can read more about below. Here's an overview of the program:

  • 4 Month Journey 
  • Weekly 90 min Group Coaching Sessions (online)
  • Opening and closing circles
  • Weekly topics and activities that build on each other (below)
  • Guided meditation and visualization practices
  • Structured workshop time in small groups to support each person's Soul Passion Pathway
  • Each week we also focus on one person's project/journey as a whole group so we can offer reflective insights and heart-centered masterminding support.
  • Each group session is recorded and posted in a private community.
  • 3 Private Deep Dive Coaching Sessions with each group member to catapult soul clarity and progress.
  • Soulwork assignments are offered after each session to support progress on the journey of soul fulfillment. 

Weekly Sessions Topics

Group Coaching Program 

 4 Month Journey  - Weekly Sessions

Regular Price: 

4 Installments of $250  (pay in full $995) 

Early Bird Special until March 1, 2021 

4 Installments of $187 (pay in full $747)

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"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. 

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- Henry David Thoreau